Logo de NOTO Marrakech avec un lion.

Culinary Signature

Noto direction Marrakech

Le Noto opens its doors and spreads its festive gourmet vibes all the way to Marrakech! Head for the Hivernage to discover the leading destination for joyful Italian dinners for locals and visitors from all over the world alike.

Noto Marrakech is first and foremost an ode to Italian cuisine – sunny and generous. Dishes can be shared, allowing the atmosphere to evolve over the course of the evening, which is sure to be lively and festive.

Au Noto: the cuisine of a chef who loves his country.

Emilio Giagnoni discovered his vocation at an early age, a vocation passed on by his grandmother, who was also passionate about cooking. A gastronomy of sharing, generous and joyful, is at the heart of Emilio’s signature. When he evokes pasta, or Sardinian specialties (his native region), it’s a whole universe you push open the door to. We melt at the passion and energy of the young chef when he talks about the know-how and sublime products he likes to work with every day at Noto.

Plats colorés à base de coquillages et de truffes.
Baba au rhum et salade de fruits.
Soirée Marrakech entre amis dans le restaurant Noto.